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August 29, 2016

Thunderbird Rugby FC announces our newest sponsor

by pjshield

After two years of working with the guys from The Australian, Thunderbird Rugby FC would like to announce a new sponsorship partner. Ruck Science is coming on board to support the club as part of their program to support all amateur rugby clubs. We’re the first graduate level business program to join up and receive donations from Ruck Science. The deal starts on September 1st and everyone on the club will be receiving an email giving us a discount on our first purchases on

More about Ruck Science

The company is based out of Austin, Texas. Their warehouse is in Atlanta, Georgia. The founders at Ruck Science are all rugby players. They say that they were sick of buying supplements that were designed for bodybuilding and wanted to make a nutrition company that was 100% focused on the needs of rugby players. They’ve been operating for a little under a year now and were developing and testing their product line with a product testing team for around 24 months prior to that.

About their range of products

Pretty much any kind of supplement that should be part of your regime is in their range. This includes stuff like Whey Protein, BCAAs and a signature Cognitive Enhancer they’ve developed. Right now, they don’t have anything with creatine in it. So that might mean you need to get your muscle-pumping supps elsewhere. But everything else is in their store and they have some really great reviews online.

About the agreement

Our deal with Ruck Science starts in September, but you can order now. Just be sure to enter “Thunderbird RFC” in the rugby club field when you’re going through the checkout process. For every order that someone makes in this way, the club receives a donation of up to 20% of the value of that order. The exact donation depends a little on the size of each order. But whatever size order you make, the club gets something. So please consider buying from if you’re using supplements and ask your friends to do the same!

Getting started with Ruck Science

There are 4 things to keep in mind if you want to try the products on and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

  1. Register for Rucks (their rewards program) and you’ll get $5 to spend before your first purchase.
  2. Have a look at their sample stack – for $20 you get to sample all 4 of their custom supplement blends in a handy carrying stack.
  3. Enter “Thunderbird RFC” as your rugby club during the checkout process so they know where to send the donations!
  4. There’s a bunch of free stuff on their site including rugby-specific nutrition and training protocols on their rugby training blog.

Contact the company

If you have comments or questions for the company, the best way to get in touch with them is via email. Please speak to either Tim or Chris and they’ll do their best to provide feedback and recommendations.

Tim Howard


Chris Reed

Marketing Manager

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